The Art of

We consider it an art to find the right solutions…..


Whether it is an internal company environmental audit, the draft of a policy plan for a government or a communication strategy for environmental awareness, mobilizing internal and external expertise is crucial to create ownership of the audit, the plan or strategy. Ownership ensures that something is done with the results.

“The process of creating a plan is as important as the plan itself;
the process creates knowledge and support for the implementation”

Striving to find the answers, to become more sustainable, our guiding principle is “people – planet – profit.

“The question if something is sustainable has no answer.
The question whether something is sustainable enough, does have an answer; that answer is no”.


  • Managing joint teams of government and external experts in the draft of (environmental) plans and strategies;
  • Develop communication strategies and ensure content management (see e.g. the websites of New Thracian Gold and Rewilding Europe);
  • Environment and energy efficiency assessments to improve performance (economic as well as environmental!) in many companies and industry sectors;
  • Specialist input in policy planning and feasibility studies for waste management;

“Creating environmental awareness is not sufficient.
We need to create routines for environmental behaviour.”